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  • Keynote by Prof. Agostino Monorchio

    Prof. Agostino Monorchio
    University of Pisa, Italy

    Title: Multifunctional Magnetic Metasurfaces with Absorbing, Reflecting and High Impedance Properties for ICT, Defense and Biomedical Applications

    Recently, the increased popularity of multiservice and flexible telecommunication systems fostered the development of Multifunctional Metasurfces employing specifically designed Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS), able to perform different behaviour at different bands (reflecting and/or absorbing, and/or polarizing or even high surface impedance or bandgap). By making proper use of active devices, such as PIN diodes and varactor diodes, we are also able to realize electrically controlled Active FSSs due to their features of low cost, high integration level and fast switching speed.

    In this presentation, the use of FSSs for obtaining tunable metasurfaces with multifunctional behavior (absorbing and reflecting and so on) will be discussed with particular reference to the magnetic properties of such surfaces to enlarge their operating bandwidth. Some solutions will be presented to show their usefulness to ICT, Defense and Biomedical applications.

    Agostino Monorchio is Full Professor of Electromagnetic Fields at the University of Pisa (Italy). He spent several research periods at the Electromagnetic Communication Laboratory at Pennsylvania State University (USA), at University of Granada (Spain) and at various research institutes and universities in China. He has carried out a considerable research activity and technical consultancy to national, EU and U.S. industries, coordinating, as principal scientific investigator, a large number of national and European research projects.

    Prof. Monorchio is active in several areas including computational electromagnetics, microwave metamaterials, radio propagation for wireless systems, the design and miniaturization of antennas and electromagnetic compatibility, biomedical microwaves applications. His research results have been published in more than 140 journal papers and book chapters, and more than 250 communications at international and national conferences, he is co-author of 5 patents.

    In 2012 he has been elevated to Fellow grade by the IEEE for his contributions to computational electromagnetics and for application of frequency selective surfaces in metamaterials.

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